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  • A brand new sleep aid. No pills. No Fuss. Just sleep.

  • LightSleeper is a British product through and through.


    Unlike so many products these days, LightSleeper was designed and is made here in UK.


    You can learn more about our UK manufacturing here.

The current chatter about sleep:

  • The end of summer holidays & autumn insomnia

    Holidays and the summer break can wreak havoc with your sleeping patterns and can leave you feeling tired, struggling to get up and even struggling to get to sleep. This subject is very apt at the moment as the summer holidays near the end and people will be going back to school and work in […]

  • How Insomnia in teens can lead to mental health problems

    Researchers from the University of Adelaide have recently carried out a study on teens between 12-18 years old on the link between insomnia and anxiety and various other mental health problems. Pasquale Alvaro, a PhD student involved in the study, discussed the relevance of teens being more active in the evenings and this being a […]

  • Study reveals how sleep deprivation is linked to false memories

    A new study carried out by psychological scientist Steven J. Frenda of the University of California, Irvine has highlighted the link between sleep deprivation and false memories. The study included 104 participants split into two groups of two: group one were shown photographs of a crime scene and half were allowed to sleep while the […]

And the chatter about lightsleeper:

  • Guests at Kelham House Country Manor Hotel can try LightSleeper

    Kelham House Country Manor Hotel have placed a LightSleeper in each of their rooms for guests to try if they are struggling to sleep, or suffer with insomnia. The director of Heritage Estates Group (owners of Kelham House), Charlotte Davies, says “We’re committed to ensuring our guests get the best experience possible when they stay with us […]

  • Nottingham Post write about ‘unique treatment for insomnia’

    Nottingham Post featured LightSleeper in a large middle page spread on 9th September, hailing it a ‘unique treatment for insomnia’. The article featured two of our case studies: Glen Davis and Linda Foster along with information on how the product works. To read the full article simply visit Nottingham Post here.

  • Case Study: Glen Davies

    Glen Davies, 25, lives in Nottingham and is a single young professional. Glen struggled to sleep and would often have restless nights. After discovering LightSleeper, his sleep pattern improved ten-fold. “Since an early age I’ve really struggled for a full night’s rest. I suffer from insomnia at random intervals and having a good night’s sleep […]

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