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  • As seen in/on…

  • A brand new sleep aid. No pills. No Fuss. Just sleep.

  • LightSleeper is a British product through and through.


    Unlike so many products these days, LightSleeper was designed and is made here in UK.


    You can learn more about our UK manufacturing here.

The current chatter about sleep:

  • The Guardian’s ‘Insomnia and me’ Series

    The Guardian has a new series of articles titled ‘Insomnia and me’ in which a host of celebrities discuss their experiences of insomnia along with helpful tips to help you sleep. The Guardian are also encouraging people that suffer with insomnia to share their experiences with them. Read the series here.

  • Lose Sleep, Lose Your Mind And Health

    The Huffington Post published a story featuring a shocking infographic that highlights just what lasting damage can be caused by a lack of sleep. Studies that The Huffington Post have included in their article show how sleep deprivation has been linked to: colorectal and breast cancer; increased obesity risk; increased mortality risk; brain tissue loss […]

  • Tablets and mobile phones blamed as more than 9 in 10 young people fail to get a good night’s sleep

    Many young people are not getting the recommended seven hours’ sleep a night and mobile phones and tablets are being blamed due to the ‘blue light’ they emit. Researchers are now suggesting that we should turn our devices off at least two hours before going to bed as experts say the blue light impedes the […]

And the chatter about lightsleeper:

  • Sky TV shows off LightSleeper

    Recently, Sky TV’s Angela and Friends ran a feature on sleep. One of the products that the programme’s resident GP, Dr Christian Jessen, took a look at was LightSleeper! We’re working on some new video of LightSleeper for this website, but this is a great chance to see the product in action. LightSleeper is featured […]

  • The Chris Evans Show

    We were very excited to be asked onto the innovation slot on the Chris Evans show on Nov 27th to talk about our new sleep aid. The interview was with Business presenter, Rebecca Pike (aka Fox the Fox) and Simon Mayo (sitting in for Chris). Clearly it struck a chord with listeners as we had […]

  • Latest high tech news

    Great post here -  ”better than laying around in a sleep clinic and told to try to sleep”.  ”The LightSleeper actually uses light to help you sleep, which might seem a bit backwards.  If it works though, then it doesn’t really matter how odd it seems.”….exactly!  With our 14 day home trial, you don’t have much […]

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