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Invented by an insomniac who happens to design products.

It makes perfect sense: an insomniac would have the motivation to solve a sleeping problem (something that’s confounded mankind for millennia), not to mention plenty of available hours to dedicate to the task.


Inventor Kate Evans happened to be taking a degree in product design at the University of Central Lancashire, (and graduating with a first class degree). She had been focusing on what she calls the “24-hour society” and its effects on basic human behaviours, such as sleep.

A victim of insomnia herself – caused or, at least, exacerbated by media and communications over-stimulation – she set out to find a natural, non-invasive way for insomnia sufferers to treat themselves.

Kate learned from sleep experts that it is generally accepted that engaging in 20 minutes of relaxing activity before going to sleep is the best way to relax the mind and enjoy a sounder, more refreshing rest. And she realised that the habits of many people – reading, or watching television, before going to bed – actually stimulated the mind, instead of relaxing it, so this was adding to the problem.

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