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As ingenious as it is beautifully simple (and simply beautiful).

LightSleeper helps you get to sleep in a completely natural way. When you turn on the device (and turn off the lights in your bedroom) LightSleeper projects a light on the ceiling above your bed. The light moves in a controlled, circular, and soothing manner. Follow the light with your eyes, while lying in bed. Gradually, your mind will relax and you’ll be ready to sleep well and enjoy a longer, better quality sleep.

Following the light with your eyes mimics the action of reading, but without stimulating the mind; hence you’re relaxed and able to fall asleep and stay asleep. LightSleeper shuts itself off after 30 minutes, and it’s easy to turn on again should you happen to wake up for some reason.


LightSleeperis proudly designed & built in Britain

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