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As easy as – well, falling asleep

LightSleeper is easy to use and is quite intuitive. An older person will have no trouble remembering how to use it, and you’ll probably never need to consult the instructions after the first time.

Correct placement of the LightSleeper

LightSleeper should be placed at your bedside, where it can project onto your ceiling without obstruction. It should be positioned so you can see the light on the ceiling easily, without straining your neck or eyes. Your bedroom should be as dark as possible (consider using lined curtains) and, ideally, the temperature should be between 13 and 24°C (55 and 75°F). See more tips for sleeping well.

Operating LightSleeper


The switch at the back of LightSleeper turns it on. A button on the base allows you to adjust the brightness of the light. The green indicator lights tell you the brightness level; five is the maximum brightness. Each time you push the brightness button the brightness will increase until you’ve reached level five; at that point, pushing the button will decrease brightness.

The optimal level of brightness for most people is when you can just see the spot of light projected on the ceiling. It needn’t be any brighter than that.

Changing the Mode


LightSleeper has a two modes: constant and pulsing.

Press and hold the brightness button for two seconds to toggle between both of these modes. When LightSleeper is in pulsing mode the green indicator lights will gently pulse.

Battery Charge

Charging LightSleeper’s rechargeable batteries takes 10-12 hours; this will provide for up to 10 complete 30 minute cycles or 8-10 days in standby mode. Of course, you may also use LightSleeper, while it is plugged into the main’s power.

LightSleeperis proudly designed & built in Britain

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