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User experience

More than a great idea: LightSleeper is helping real people sleep.

We carried out a vast amount of research on LightSleeper before bringing it to the market, and the results were, and still are, eye-opening (so to speak): 78% of the initial users we monitored reported a significant improvement in their ability to get to sleep, stay asleep and improve the quality of their sleep as well.

Case Study: Glen Davies

Glen Davies, 25, lives in Nottingham and is a single young professional. Glen struggled to sleep and would often have restless nights. After discovering LightSleeper, his sleep pattern improved ten-fold. “Since an early age I’ve really struggled for a full night’s rest. I suffer from insomnia at random intervals and having a good night’s sleep […]

Case Study: Linda Foster

Linda Foster, 59, lives in Nottingham, and has three children. Linda works in the security industry and suffered terribly from an irregular sleep pattern. After discovering LightSleeper her life turned around. “I had no real problem dropping off to sleep but it was the consistent waking in the middle of the night which proved to […]

Initial LightSleeper User Experiences

Female 45-54, Teacher Her problem: Took at least 60 minutes to get to sleep. Tried medication and relaxation tapes but with no success. With LightSleeper: Got to sleep much faster. If she awoke in the middle of the night, was able to get back to sleep easily. As a result, got an extra hour’s sleep […]

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