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What happens when we sleep?

According to ‘‘, sleep is not a luxury that we can do without. Without sleep our bodies, minds and lives suffer. It is impossible to live without sleep.”

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Pretty stern stuff – and yet, it’s no exaggeration: sleep gives the body time to replenish its energy and build up strength. Sleep is essential to the immune system and the nervous system. Even growth is dependent on it: growth hormones are released during sleep, so children who sleep too few hours may see their growth impaired.

Adequate sleep is necessary for maintaining normal functioning of cognitive skills, such as speech and memory. Sleep is also when the body does most of its self-repair work: muscle tissue is rebuilt and restored, and muscle tone and skin appearance is improved. The body’s amazing capacity to heal itself is most active during sleep, when other functions are scaled back.

It is due to the importance of sleep – and the high prevalence of sleep problems in the UK – that we developed LightSleeper – a safe and natural sleep aid.

LightSleeperis proudly designed & built in Britain

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